Financial Resilience Australia offers a range of customised solutions, designed to help you to improve the financial inclusion, capability, resilience and wellbeing of your clients, employees, supply chain and partners in the communities you live and work in. We adopt a human-centred approach to solution design, taking the time to understand your business, your goals and the challenges you face.

Drawing upon our industry and policy expertise; genuine understanding of the needs of those who are likely to be financially excluded and/or have lower financial capability, resilience and wellbeing; and our extensive networks, we co-design solutions enabling you to achieve your vision, including exploring user and business needs and goals; mapping how users and providers experience your products and services; assessing the current and future risks and opportunities facing your organisation; and developing a strategy to address these with practical next steps you can take.


We have led the co-design and delivery of several successful projects enabling our clients to achieve their specific objectives, whether they involve small-scale interventions focusing on building the internal capability of team(s), embedding resilience into program design and delivery, or creating multi-sector collaborations which aim to catalyse ‘system-wide’ change. We adopt a human-centred approach to deliver solutions which balance user needs with organisational imperatives such as the feasibility and viability of proposed options.


We offer in-depth analysis and user perspectives leveraging our deep insights on the design of practical evidence-based pathways to greater financial inclusion, capability, resilience and wellbeing, using qualitative and quantitative research methods best suited to individual projects. Our team has designed robust approaches to measuring impact, monitoring and evaluation, using best-practice methodologies such as mapping a Theory of Change.

Clients adopting our approach are able to track their contribution towards organisational strategic priorities and performance metrics, as well as towards national and global commitments such as the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


Financial Resilience Australia is committed to ‘try, test and learn’ from new and innovative ways to improve financial inclusion, capability, resilience and wellbeing. We have developed a unique approach to establishing social laboratories where researchers, users and providers can co-design solutions which are useful, relevant and appropriate. We are also growing a network of like-minded partners in Australia and overseas, who are as passionate as we are, about finding practical ways to share ongoing learnings and insights.

No one individual, organisation or sector is able to achieve the ‘system-wide’ change that is needed to improve the lives of those facing financial stress. What is needed is for all sectors to work together – to find new ways of collaborating, and new opportunities to take action to achieve our common objectives.

Coming soon: The Centre for Financial Wellbeing


Financial capability, the combination of financial knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours necessary to make sound financial decisions based on one’s own personal circumstances, is a key enabler of financial resilience and wellbeing. It is influenced by individual capabilities (managing money day-to-day, planning and saving for the long-term, confidently making financial decisions) and external factors (characteristics of the household and economy, access to financial products, social capital).

We design a range of customised learning, training and skills development solutions to help individuals and their families, workplaces and the broader community they live in, build their financial capabilities. Adopting a human-centred approach, we will design solutions that work, taking the time to understand the financial needs, goals, enablers and challenges faced by each target group.

Coming soon: The Centre for Financial Wellbeing


We pursue every opportunity to complement the efforts of those who are already taking steps to improve financial inclusion, capability, resilience and wellbeing in Australia and overseas. We will also find new ways of enabling those who experience low financial inclusion, resilience and wellbeing, to inform future policy and action, through events and publications which give them a voice, and invite them to proactively co-design the solutions which can best meet their unique needs.

We also contribute to public and academic debate, and participate in events in Australia and overseas, to increase the awareness of financial inclusion, capability, resilience and wellbeing.

Coming soon: The Centre for Financial Wellbeing


The team at Financial Resilience Australia regularly contributes to academic and industry-led literature on topics of interest including financial inclusion, resilience, wellbeing and women’s entrepreneurship.

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