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Everyone has the right to good financial health and wellbeing, in order to live full and productive lives at home, and at work. Yet COVID 19 has exposed the fragility of our financial lives, and the grim toll of a financial shock on our collective physical, mental and financial health. Individuals, households and businesses across the Asia Pacific (APAC) are struggling financially, and the ever increasing mental, emotional and financial stress is having a devastating ripple effect on our communities and economies.

We believe the road to recovery lies in a collective response. The Financial Wellness Initiative will bring together the brightest minds from across APAC businesses, governments, academia and civil society, to share knowledge & actionable insights, and collaboratively ‘try, test and learn’ from innovative policies and action which can enable Financial Wellness for all.

Join us as we connect the dots across APAC by working together, we can maximise our reach and impact, and sustainably improve the financial health and wellbeing of individuals, households and businesses across our region.



Move 78 & Financial Resilience AUS: A Partnership for Financial Wellness

Webinar #1
Move 78 – 26 FRA A Partnership for Financial Wellness

Singapore-based Move 78 and Financial Resilience Australia (FRA) are very pleased to announce their new partnership to collaborate on Asia Pacific-based projects with an emphasis on Financial Wellness.

According to The World Bank, in South Asia and the Pacific, “24 million fewer people are estimated to escape poverty” than would have without the pandemic in 2020. With COVID-19, this fragility in everyone’s finances has been exposed and exacerbated, and these financial shocks are taking an undeniable toll on our collective physical, mental and emotional health.  This multi-faceted stress is having a devastating ripple effect on our communities and economies throughout the Asia Pacific.

We strongly believe the road to recovery lies in a collective response across-sectors throughout the region, therefore we at Move 78 and FRA have joined together (representing Singapore and Australia respectively) to raise awareness and establish a regional cross-sector community. We aim to address this pressing issue of ensuring Financial Wellness for all, because Everyone has the right to good financial health and wellbeing in order to live full and productive lives.

Hear from the respective CEOs about their plans for the partnership across the Asia Pacific, and potential collaboration opportunities to further Financial Wellness in the region.

Following the introduction of the partnership, the panellists will discuss what Financial Wellness means to them, and the gaps that need to be addressed in each of their respective countries.

Date and Time:

Wed, 14 October 2020
11:00am – 12:00pm AEDT

Anna Shaw, Client Insights Manager, RFi

Vinita Godinho (CEO, FRA)
Mariko Braswell (CEO, Move 78)
Sutapa Banerjee, Independent Director, Harvard Fellow
Dr. Pushpa Wood ONZM, Director, Financial Education & Research Centre, Massey University

Fintech for Inclusion in Asia

Webinar #2
Fintech for Inclusion in Asia

This intimate talk will feature a thriving new innovator making a big difference for Asia’s domestic workers. The panellists will also explore the challenges innovators must address to promote inclusion across the region, barriers faced by those striving to solve for inclusion, and some lessons from Asia’s approach to fintech for inclusion.

Date and Time:

Thur, 15 October 2020
12:00pm – 1:00pm AEDT

Frank Troise
Managing Director, SoHo Advisors Pte Ltd

Krishna Thacker
Director, Asia Region, MetLife Foundation
Jonathan E. Chua
CEO, BeamAndGo

Remittances in Asia and COVID-19 – How can we do better?

Webinar #3
Remittances in Asia and COVID – 19 How can we do better

“ADB economists estimate that the region faces remittance losses ranging from USD 31.4 billion to USD 54.3 billion. To reduce the economic and social impacts, policy response s are proposed in areas such as social protection, immigration, labour, and health,”

With a third of the world’s migrant worker population based in Asia, what can be done to alleviate current hardships in vulnerable populations that are dependent on cross-border remittances, and do so sustainably?  Join us as we discuss the major pain-points faced by those relying on remittances, the additional challenges highlighted by COVID-19 lockdowns, and explore innovative approaches adopted by companies in Asia to overcome these challenges.

Date and Time:

Fri, 16 October 2020
4:00pm – 5:00pm AEDT

Gerald Ferguson Head of Commercial Initiatives, Move 78

Mikko Perez CEO, Ayannah
Prof. Ross Buckley University of New South Wales
Dr. Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan Economist & Director of Infinite Sum Modelling Inc.


The team at Financial Resilience Australia regularly contributes to academic and industry-led literature on topics of interest including financial inclusion, resilience, wellbeing and women’s entrepreneurship.

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