Financial Resilience Australia is an independent social enterprise, providing professional consulting, research, program and advisory services to the industry, government and community sector on tackling complex social challenges such as financial inclusion, and building financial capability, resilience and wellbeing, particularly for those who are vulnerable to financial stress.

We specialise in strategy development; project management; governance and risk management; and lead the co-design and delivery of programs grounded in action-research. We adopt a human-centred approach to co-create robust and evidence-based solutions which are useful and relevant to the financial lives of everyday users.






Vinita Godinho
Vinita GodinhoManaging Director and CEO

An internationally recognised leader in the world of inclusive finance, Vinita specialises in the design of evidence-based programs to improve the financial lives of those who are most vulnerable to financial stress. As the Managing Director of Financial Resilience Australia, she advises the government, industry, academia and community on practical ways to enhance financial inclusion, resilience and wellbeing in Australia and overseas.

Vinita has successfully switched hats between the financial services industry, academia and civil society, balancing her professional career with a passion for fostering community-led action to enhance financial wellbeing. Her PhD from RMIT University exploring Indigenous worldviews on money, financial capability and wellbeing has been recognised for influencing policy and action in Australia. A Fulbright scholar, Vinita also proactively contributes to academic and cross-sectoral research on financial inclusion, wellbeing and entrepreneurship for marginalised groups, serving on Boards and Government-appointed Committees to turn these learnings into action.

Financial Resilience Australia specialises in achieving ‘system-wide’ change by harnessing the multi-disciplinary skills of a range of experts, who combine their professional skills with a passion for co-designing innovative solutions that meet the needs of vulnerable consumers.

Georgia Ellis
Georgia Ellis
Georgia Ellis is an inspiring coach, mentor and educator who has led individuals and teams across the globe, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, India, the UAE, UK, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, France, South Africa, USA, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia, to develop a growth mindset, focusing on leadership, wellbeing, optimal performance and managing change.
Christopher Rodrigues
Christopher Rodrigues
Christopher Rodrigues is an award winning Creative Director with over 20 years experience in directing, conceptualising and executing advertising and marketing campaigns internationally. An innovative thinker, with a strong focus on creating compelling stories, targeting specific marketing verticals across various channels. Partnering with diverse brands, Christopher and the team at Cre8ivedge, deliver tailored marketing and brand solutions, seeing an exponential increase in sales growth and traffic.
Mariko Braswell
Mariko Braswell
Mariko Braswell is an experienced entrepreneur with deep knowledge and relationships across the global fintech, inclusion and innovation ecosystem. A passionate champion of ‘business for good’, she and the team at Move 78, advise businesses, and public sector entities on the co-design of inclusive programs and policies, focusing in particular on financial, educational and healthcare inclusion.


The team at Financial Resilience Australia regularly contributes to academic and industry-led literature on topics of interest including financial inclusion, resilience, wellbeing and women’s entrepreneurship.

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