Financial Wellbeing Surveys

Thank you for participating in Financial Resilience Australia's Financial Wellbeing Survey. The Survey, building on world-leading research developed by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and the Melbourne Institute (University of Melbourne), contains questions designed to get you thinking about your recent and past financial experiences.

You must be 18 or over to participate. Upon completion, you will receive a personalised Financial Wellbeing Score (between 1 and 100) which can help you to assess your current financial position. Your personalised Score is completely confidential, and will not be revealed to anyone other than yourself.

Our researchers will only analyse anonymised and completely de-identified information to gauge overall trends, so that your valuable feedback can help us to co-design useful solutions for everyday Australians who want to improve their own financial health and wellbeing, and workplaces which wish to support their employees' financial wellness.

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Our researchers will not share your personal information with anyone - only de-identified information will be analysed to gauge overall trends.

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