Your Financial Wellbeing Score (OUT OF 100) is 83

What does My Financial Wellbeing Score mean?

‘Financial Wellbeing’ refers to managing money in ways that enable you to:

  • Meet all your financial needs, for example being able to pay your regular bills and make repayments
  • Enjoy financial freedom, for example spending money on the things you enjoy
  • Stay in control of your finances, for example knowing where your money is going, and avoiding unnecessary fees and charges by paying on time
  • Feel secure about your future, for example being prepared for unexpected expenses, and putting some money away as a safety net
In addition to driving your spending, saving and borrowing habits, your financial wellbeing also has a big impact on your overall health and wellbeing, relationships at home and at work, as well as your ability to be productive, so it is an important life-skill which you can build over time. Here’s what your Financial Wellbeing Score is telling you:

Congratulations - this Score shows that you are experiencing the best possible financial outcomes, and are already well on your way to manage your money to achieve financial wellbeing. You probably have no problem making ends meet, and can easily achieve your financial goals including regular savings, and disciplined spending and borrowing habits. We would expect that you are living a comfortable and financially secure lifestyle, with the freedom to spend your money as you would like to

Only 12% of Australians had this Score before COVID-19 emerged, so you are in excellent company. People with this score are usually well on top of their money, and experiencing positive financial outcomes which reinforce their ability to feel in control of their finances. You are more likely to also be setting longer-term financial goals, and having a clear plan in place to achieve these.

What can I do to improve my financial wellbeing?

You may benefit from seeking advice on ways to grow your wealth, setting longer-term financial goals and mapping out a clear pathway to achieving these via informed financial decision-making. While you are obviously well on top of your everyday finances, a trusted advisor can help you to further improve your future financial wellbeing.

See the links below, for some free tips and tools on how you may achieve this:

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